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Apple & Eve

Apple & Eve - Making the Grade. 

For over 30 years, Apple & Eve has been trusted by families to provide healthful, great-tasting juices. We are proud to supply our delicious, convenient and shelf-stable juices to schools. We offer a variety of flavors and sizes including Apple & Eve Juices On The Go, Juice Boxes and Fizz Ed Pure Fruit Juice and Sparkling Water.

Apple & Eve juices are great for breakfast, lunch and snack programs, as well as field trips and other school events. By giving kids healthy options outside of home, we can continue to teach children about good nutrition and living healthy, happy lives.

bonzer cookies

Gourmet cookies for the schools!  Your kids will love them. You will too!!!! 
~ Developed by Chef Michael these quality cookies are a hit in every market in which they are sold. 
~ Four great varieties plus a 100% whole wheat cookie await your placement as a special treat on your menu or as an a la carte selection. 
~ Bonzers are available in 1, 1.3, and 2 ounce sizes at a price that is fair and competitive. ~ Once you try Bonzers you will ask why you didn’t place them on your menu before.

China Blues

China Blues whole wheat, chicken egg rolls are a great tasting healthy addition to your menu. 

The 5oz. egg roll is practically a full meal in and of itself.  The 5 ounce egg roll meets 2 breads 2 meats and ¼ cup of vegetable for the food based menu.  With 0 trans fat, 289 calories and only 6 grams of fat, it is rock solid nutritionally.  You also get 20 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fiber, and 29% of your vitamin A all wrapped into one 5 oz serving.  On top of the nutritional superiority of this product, it tastes like something you would expect to get from a restaurant.

China Blues also offers a 3 oz. version of the egg roll.  It has the same nutritional value as its larger counterpart, and offers 1 bread, 1 m/ma, and 1/8 cup vegetable.

There is a large movement in school nutrition to get as many whole-wheat products in the mix as possible.  China Blues egg rolls are all made with a whole-wheat wrap that does not compromise the taste that the kids are used to.

kasa's foods

Made from the finest ingredients, Kasa’s Pizza is a delicious part of any meal.

Our pizza meets the nutritional standards of the school lunch program with 2 oz of protein, 2 breads and ¼ cup of vegetable on our red pizza and 1/8 cup of vegetable on our white pizza.

Our commitment is to help satisfy hunger while meeting nutritional standards. We are nationally approved for the mozzarella cheese commodity!!! We use B042 commodity cheese.

Potato products of idaho

Potato Products of Idaho has created something unique for food service menus with their Frozen Baked Potatoes.

Potato Products of Idaho (PPI) serve only the most highly nutritious whole Russet Burbank potatoes.  The potatoes are oven baked, and then are individually frozen.  This process maintains the great baked potato taste and the texture your customers will love.

Prebaked potatoes bake in a fraction of the time of raw potatoes.  Already washed, scrubbed and portion sized, the potatoes require virtually no preparation or handling. Prebaked potatoes are uniform in size; therefore, portion control is automatic.  They are hand selected, which eliminates the 10-15% waste factor of raw potatoes. 

There are lots of reasons to use Potato Products of Idaho’s pre-cooked frozen baked potatoes:

 - Profitable: No waste and a low price per serving.  - Quality: Controlled through hand selection and processing.  There are also no preservatives or additives. The product is 100% US #1 Russet Burbank Idaho Potatoes.  
- Fast: Ease in preparation and service.  PPI frozen baked potatoes can go directly from the freezer to the conventional, convection, or microwave oven.  
- Highly Nutritious: PPI frozen baked potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins, complex carbohydrates, potassium and fiber. Each potato has zero % fat, zero % sodium, and zero% cholesterol.  
- Variety: Baked potatoes are a natural with so many menu selections and if you add toppings it can be a meal in itself.
 - Portioning:  Accurate size for total portion control and low cost per serving while virtually eliminating waste


Potato Products of Idaho prebaked frozen baked potatoes are packages in 30 pound cases which is great for delivery, inventory control and storage. Use of the potatoes for the National School Lunch Program is a must. Each 3 ounce potato equates to a 3/8 cup serving of vegetable and there are approximately 160 potatoes per 30 # case; each 4 ounce potato equates to a ½ cup serving of vegetable and there are approximately 120 potatoes per 30# case. Great taste, ease of preparation, super cost makes this a hit in school cafeterias.


Rosati Italian Ices

Rosati ice cups have 4 oz. of 100% frozen fruit juice and contain no added sugars!

Fun flavors that kids love - Cry Baby Sour Cherry, Cry Baby Sour Apple, Typhoon Blue Raz/Lemonade and seasonal flavors such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Sno'Joe, Swee' Heart, and Peter Cottontail.

Simply Blues

Simply Blues breakfast buns and bars are the leaders in hyper nutritious bread items for school breakfast. 

The Whole Wheat (51%) Breakfast Bun is a 0 trans fat product  that meets two breads 
and gives you the calories you are looking for in a breakfast item 
(approx 250 calories). The breakfast bun only has 6 grams of fat and 8 grams of sugar, and contributes 3 g of dietary fiber. The breakfast bun is available either as a two bread or a one bread version.

The Honey Wheat Breakfast Bar also has around 250 calories, only 8 grams of fat and 11 grams of sugars, and it provides 3 g of dietary fiber as well.  The breakfast bar is available either as a two bread or a one bread version.

What makes this product so good is the taste.  This does not taste like a whole wheat item.  Simply Blues eats so well enough that many districts will offer this as a healthy choice a la carte selection at lunch.
Great taste, hyper nutritious, and reasonably priced: Simply Blues products are a great addition to your breakfast lineup.


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